How to Budget for your Engagement Ring

Are you planning on popping the question this Christmas?  With less than six months to go, you need to start planning your perfect proposal and deciding on the all important engagement ring (or rings for some couples)! The first thing you need to decide is your engagement ring budget!

The rule that an engagement ring should cost “two months salary” is all well and good, but instead of struggling to purchase a ring you can’t afford, concentrate on getting a ring your partner will love. Now that you’ve decided what you want to spend on the perfect ring, it might be a good idea to put a budget plan in place.

We have chosen a fabulous Irish handmade solitaire engagement ring from our extensive range here at A Little Piece of Ireland which is €1,549. To afford this ring, or one like it, in time for your December proposal, spread the cost over the next 5 months from July to the end of November which works out at just €310 per month.

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